Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Tim Buktu 89006474f1 Merge pull request #40 from grandpaul/fix_endian 2 months ago
  Tim Buktu 304df18eba Merge pull request #43 from sfoerster/master 2 months ago
  Steven Foerster 5028351c26 adding android to ntru_endian.h 2 months ago
  Ying-Chun Liu (PaulLiu) eb8958c360 src/ntru_endian.h: Fix FTBFS bug on big-endian arches for GLIBC >= 2.9 1 year ago
  Tim Buktu e08df57c2f Make ntruprime_rand_tern_t() constant time 1 year ago
  Tim Buktu da2fa9f784 Implement NTRU Prime key generation and param sets 1 year ago
  Tim Buktu 15423e7f5f Implement multiplication and inversion in (Z/qZ)[x][x^p-x-1] 2 years ago
  Tim Buktu 6fab0408c5 Runtime detection of SSSE3 and AVX2 2 years ago
  Tim Buktu f9937a7085 Use libsodium instead of OpenSSL in hybrid.c 2 years ago
  Tim Buktu 52238d77fe change formatting and use AVX2 measurements 3 years ago
  Tim Buktu 4672eda422 Fix CTR_DRBG endianness 3 years ago
  Tim Buktu c377665e95 Explain NTRU_AVOID_HAMMING_WT_PATENT ( 3 years ago
  Tim Buktu ba9de77abd libntru 0.5 3 years ago
  Tim Buktu f4cd3de9a4 MinGW fixes 3 years ago
  Tim Buktu ee69a39087 add info on AVX2, param sets, RNGs 3 years ago
  Tim Buktu be7b9fcaaf Partial fix for CTR_DRBG cross-platform issues 3 years ago
  Tim Buktu 0adbe29c9c Use AVX2 for polynomial math (contributed by Shay Gueron and Fabian Schlieker) 3 years ago
  Tim Buktu 7d4d66634d Use AVX2 for SHA calculations 3 years ago
  Tim Buktu 648085339f Fix name of parameter set 3 years ago
  Tim Buktu 8f3a0d57df Fix tests in big endian environments 3 years ago
  Tim Buktu ad3f56ba91 Remove redundant assignment 3 years ago
  Tim Buktu 309239ce3d Fix a potential bug in ntru_rand_init_det() 3 years ago
  Tim Buktu af8dd41afa Work around a bug in the AES code 3 years ago
  Tim Buktu c811871cb4 Replace tabs with spaces 3 years ago
  Tim Buktu a308e2d47c Change NTRU_DEFAULT_PARAMS_* to the balanced parameter sets 3 years ago
  Tim Buktu d1c06dd1b9 More space-efficient encoding of private keys 3 years ago
  Tim Buktu 4a9b5d3a79 Fix ntru_rand_default_init(): use all 32 bytes of entropy 3 years ago
  Tim Buktu ea30df5944 Remove NTRU_RNG_IGF2, replace it with NTRU_RNG_CTR_DRBG 3 years ago
  Tim Buktu 190c552f0a Fix a bug in NTRU_RNG_IGF2 that caused random data to be biased 3 years ago
  Tim Buktu f11723d031 Change NTRU_RNG_DEFAULT 3 years ago