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2020-10-08 22:14:07 +02:00
package main
import (
2020-10-08 22:14:07 +02:00
//MyDNS is my dns server
var MyDNS *dns.Server
//ZabovCacheTTL is the amount of hours we cache records of DNS (global)
2020-10-08 22:14:07 +02:00
var ZabovCacheTTL int
//ZabovKillTTL is the amount of hours we cache the killfile (global)
2020-10-08 22:14:07 +02:00
var ZabovKillTTL int
//ZabovLocalResponder is the default DNS server for local domains (global)
var ZabovLocalResponder string
//ZabovLocalDomain is the default local domain (global)
var ZabovLocalDomain string
//ZabovDefaultTimetable is the default timetable, applied to any client that is not already in any IP Group (global)
var ZabovDefaultTimetable string
//ZabovDebug activate more logging if set to true (global)
var ZabovDebug bool
//ZabovDebugDBPath path to store debug query logs: activate logging of each single query in a csv like file (global)
var ZabovDebugDBPath string
2020-10-08 22:14:07 +02:00
type handler struct{}
// ZabovConfig contains all Zabov configs
type ZabovConfig struct {
ZabovSingleBL string // json:singlefilters -> ZabovSingleBL list of urls returning a file with just names of domains
ZabovDoubleBL string // json:doublefilters -> ZabovDoubleBL list of urls returning a file with IP<space>domain
ZabovAddBL net.IP // json:blackholeip -> ZabovAddBL is the IP we want to send all the clients to. Usually is
ZabovHostsFile string // json:hostsfile -> ZabovHostsFile is the file we use to keep our hosts
ZabovUpDNS string // json:upstream -> ZabovUpDNS keeps the name of upstream DNSs
ZabovDNSArray []string // contains all the DNS we mention, parsed from ZabovUpDNS file
ZabovCache bool // allows to disable cache
references int // contains references to this config; if zero, config shall be removed
// ZabovConfigs contains all Zabov configs
var ZabovConfigs map[string]*ZabovConfig
// ZabovIPGroup contains Zabov groups of IPs
type ZabovIPGroup struct {
ips []net.IP // IPs in this group
cfg string // config name to be used if there is no timetable
timetable string // timetable name to be used for this group; timetable SHALL reference to config name to use
// ZabovIPGroups contains an array of all Zabov groups of IP rules
var ZabovIPGroups []ZabovIPGroup
// ZabovTime contains Zabov single time
type ZabovTime struct {
hour int
minute int
// ZabovTimeRange contains Zabov single time range
type ZabovTimeRange struct {
start ZabovTime
stop ZabovTime
// ZabovTimetableEntry contains Zabov single time table entry
type ZabovTimetableEntry struct {
times []*ZabovTimeRange
days map[string]bool
// ZabovTimetable contains a Zabov time table
type ZabovTimetable struct {
table []*ZabovTimetableEntry
cfgin string // configuration name to be used if "inside" timetable
cfgout string // configuration name to be used if "outiside" timetable
// ZabovTimetables contains all Zabov time tables, by name
var ZabovTimetables map[string]*ZabovTimetable
// ZabovIPAliases contains an array of all Zabov IP aliases
var ZabovIPAliases map[string]string
2020-10-08 22:14:07 +02:00
func main() {
MyDNS.Handler = &handler{}
if err := MyDNS.ListenAndServe(); err != nil {
log.Printf("Failed to set udp listener %s\n", err.Error())
} else {
log.Printf("Listener running \n")