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bloved d2f8601185 - added new setting: default/global timetable ( config->zabov->timetable )
This table will be used for any client that is not already included in an IP group
2 years ago
bloved 85ff0dac52 - FIX: timetable eval time as "local time" (no UTC)
- FIX: Dockerfile: added timezone configuration (defaults to CET), use TZ env var to change it
2 years ago
bloved 31e05cb177 - config:
- added "debug" mode
- updated documentation in
- BL downloader threads: added 2 seconds delay to allow local DNS service go up & running
2 years ago
bloved c96c9f23e2 - disabled verbose logs
- updated documentation in
2 years ago
LowEel 5c5e4e4417 first commit 3 years ago
Uriel Fanelli 05afb0dace Delete '' 3 years ago
Uriel Fanelli 4dde7cf2c1 Initial commit 3 years ago