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bloved ef9f912cf7 - added simple stats python script
- added WhiteList database
- updated license to EUPL
2021-05-11 10:32:48 +02:00
bloved 5e94032cd0 - killfile stats: incremented only when adding a new domain in BL
- Malformed lines stats: stats are reset at refresh; ignoring blank/comment lines
2021-01-12 13:35:36 +01:00
bloved b6dfee64a6 - WIP:
- new json configuration: added multiple configs, ip groups/ip aliases and timetables
  - added multiple configurations:
    - each configuration has his own upstream, singlefilters, doublefilters, blackholeip hostsfile
    - cache DB is global to all configs
    - BL downloader and parser is optimized: each BL source is downloaded/parsed only once
  - implement configuration selection based on source IPs and timetables
  - unused code cleanup
2021-01-12 00:04:34 +01:00
LowEel 5c5e4e4417 first commit 2020-10-08 22:14:07 +02:00