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in order to use it, you need app credentials for your specific pod, which you obtain when you register your app.
In case your pod makes it too complicate, you can just use the following go :
package main
import (
func main() {
app, err := mastodon.RegisterApp(context.Background(), &mastodon.AppConfig{
Server: "https://yourpodhere.put",
ClientName: "client-name",
Scopes: "read write follow",
Website: "whereyour application has a website",
if err != nil {
fmt.Printf("client-id : %s\n", app.ClientID)
fmt.Printf("client-secret: %s\n", app.ClientSecret)
just change the values to match your pod, and it will print a new ClientID and ClientSecret.
Once you have both, you can just feed the zorg configuration file, which is a JSON, and change his name as zorg.conf
Just leave "default" on your ClientID and secret.
"ZorgClientID": "aqwfgqubvqerb348hü13vhnrqvqerg1ü3ohrgvqervq",
"ZorgClientSecret": "qergerinqieorjhgqrijhg+3higqirgqirjgqerjgqq",
"ZorgServer": "https://example-pleroma.net",
"ZorgClientID": "default",
"ZorgClientSecret": "default",
"ZorgUname": "johndoe",
"ZorgPass" : "lalalalalalalala",
"ZorgInterval": 7200