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bloved fa60f84fc9 fixed debug log (ParallelResolve) 2 months ago
bloved d84cc29392 ADDED: parallel queries to to multiple DNS servers 3 months ago
bloved bc2470e344 updated vendor dependencies and golang to 1.15 4 months ago
bloved e2a625a92e if the DNS response Rcode contains an error the cache expires after just 10 seconds. 4 months ago
bloved 2fe0b7b0c2 - added whitelist documentation 9 months ago
bloved ef9f912cf7 - added simple stats python script 9 months ago
bloved f018377b44 Merge branch 'master' into master 12 months ago
bloved d74f2a973e - BUG FIX: preserving DNS RCode in Zabov responses (SetReply(query) resets it to RcodeSuccess) 12 months ago
bloved c56789e193 - BUG FIX: IP Groups: blank timetable was not allowed; timetable & cfg con now be blank or undefined 12 months ago
bloved 9b4e4fbcb9 - optimization: blackholeip is parsed only once at startup 1 year ago
bloved b9f17b3c19 - network down is ignored if the selected configuration is local responder 1 year ago
LowEel 13dd24b7b5 Merge pull request 'master' (#1) from bloved/zabov:master into master 1 year ago
bloved 0752a7e443 - FIX: Query logger: moved to different thread to serialize access to log file 1 year ago
bloved 749029ba5b - FIX: optional settings were not optional 1 year ago
bloved 740e0a387b - removed unused/commented code 1 year ago
bloved d2f8601185 - added new setting: default/global timetable ( config->zabov->timetable ) 1 year ago
bloved 85ff0dac52 - FIX: timetable eval time as "local time" (no UTC) 1 year ago
bloved 0f046cf18e - config: 1 year ago
bloved aef07c50d6 - single/double and local lists: ignore blank/comment lines 1 year ago
bloved 946a2245cc - if upstream DNS is missing fallbacks on localresponder if defined, else on "" as last chance 1 year ago
bloved 31e05cb177 - config: 1 year ago
bloved c96c9f23e2 - disabled verbose logs 1 year ago
bloved cfabc60645 - config: 1 year ago
bloved 15ec9f49ac - stats: if "SET" to zero, stat is removed 1 year ago
bloved 945709f24e - config: 1 year ago
bloved e86ead83b7 - config 1 year ago
bloved 5e94032cd0 - killfile stats: incremented only when adding a new domain in BL 1 year ago
bloved b6dfee64a6 - WIP: 1 year ago
LowEel 5c5e4e4417 first commit 1 year ago
LowEel 05afb0dace Delete 'README.md' 1 year ago
LowEel 4dde7cf2c1 Initial commit 1 year ago