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bloved bc2470e344 updated vendor dependencies and golang to 1.15 2 years ago
bloved e2a625a92e if the DNS response Rcode contains an error the cache expires after just 10 seconds.
this should limit the cache in case of temporary upstream DNS errors.
2 years ago
bloved 2fe0b7b0c2 - added whitelist documentation 2 years ago
bloved ef9f912cf7 - added simple stats python script
- added WhiteList database
- updated license to EUPL
2 years ago
bloved f018377b44 Merge branch 'master' into master 2 years ago
bloved d74f2a973e - BUG FIX: preserving DNS RCode in Zabov responses (SetReply(query) resets it to RcodeSuccess)
Some DNS client (such as MS Windows) misbehave in case of always positive responses
2 years ago
bloved c56789e193 - BUG FIX: IP Groups: blank timetable was not allowed; timetable & cfg con now be blank or undefined
- FIX: enable response compression by default to be compatible with bogus DNS clients not understanding responses split to multiple UDP packets (FIX failure of Amazon PrimeVideo on LG WebOS)
- new conf-specific setting "cache": allows disabling cache on configuration basis (default: cache is enabled)
- updated documentation
- added more debug logs
2 years ago
bloved 9b4e4fbcb9 - optimization: blackholeip is parsed only once at startup 2 years ago
bloved b9f17b3c19 - network down is ignored if the selected configuration is local responder 2 years ago
Uriel Fanelli 13dd24b7b5 Merge pull request 'master' (#1) from bloved/zabov:master into master
Reviewed-on: loweel/zabov#1
2 years ago
bloved 0752a7e443 - FIX: Query logger: moved to different thread to serialize access to log file 2 years ago
bloved 749029ba5b - FIX: optional settings were not optional
- Dockerfile: updated golang image to 1.15.6
- config.json: restored minimal settings
- added config.sample.json with all advanced settings
- urls-domains-updated.txt: removed/updated obsolete urls (CHEF-KOCH,
2 years ago
bloved 740e0a387b - removed unused/commented code
- ZabovCreateKDB is called only on active configurations
2 years ago
bloved d2f8601185 - added new setting: default/global timetable ( config->zabov->timetable )
This table will be used for any client that is not already included in an IP group
2 years ago
bloved 85ff0dac52 - FIX: timetable eval time as "local time" (no UTC)
- FIX: Dockerfile: added timezone configuration (defaults to CET), use TZ env var to change it
2 years ago
bloved 0f046cf18e - config:
- added new global setting "debugdbpath": if set to a directory name enables DNS queries logging in CLIENTIP-DATE.log file format
2 years ago
bloved aef07c50d6 - single/double and local lists: ignore blank/comment lines 2 years ago
bloved 946a2245cc - if upstream DNS is missing fallbacks on localresponder if defined, else on "" as last chance 2 years ago
bloved 31e05cb177 - config:
- added "debug" mode
- updated documentation in
- BL downloader threads: added 2 seconds delay to allow local DNS service go up & running
2 years ago
bloved c96c9f23e2 - disabled verbose logs
- updated documentation in
2 years ago
bloved cfabc60645 - config:
- unused configurations are disabled to avoid wasting resources
2 years ago
bloved 15ec9f49ac - stats: if "SET" to zero, stat is removed 2 years ago
bloved 945709f24e - config:
- more sanity checks
  - added localresponder: if set use specified DNS server for local domains
  - ipaliases is now used in DNS responses (works same as /etc/hosts file)
- ForwardQuery(): accept param to avoid cache
2 years ago
bloved e86ead83b7 - config
- sanity checks
  - parsing of timetables
- removed unused global variables (moved at config level)
- added new stat: DNS request for each "CONFIG"
- implemented configuration from ip groups / timetables
2 years ago
bloved 5e94032cd0 - killfile stats: incremented only when adding a new domain in BL
- Malformed lines stats: stats are reset at refresh; ignoring blank/comment lines
2 years ago
bloved b6dfee64a6 - WIP:
- new json configuration: added multiple configs, ip groups/ip aliases and timetables
  - added multiple configurations:
    - each configuration has his own upstream, singlefilters, doublefilters, blackholeip hostsfile
    - cache DB is global to all configs
    - BL downloader and parser is optimized: each BL source is downloaded/parsed only once
  - implement configuration selection based on source IPs and timetables
  - unused code cleanup
2 years ago
LowEel 5c5e4e4417 first commit 3 years ago
Uriel Fanelli 05afb0dace Delete '' 3 years ago
Uriel Fanelli 4dde7cf2c1 Initial commit 3 years ago