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High Availability daemon to share an IP around N servers.
Zoreide is a daemon service you can use to share an IP among N servers. If the server owning the IP is down,
another one will replace it. Differently than Keepalived, it allows N servers instead of just 2. Perfect for docker-swarm
The daemon uses Multicast in order to elect the node which will have the IP configured.
To use it, you need:
- root access to the servers
- a valid multicast IP address in your network. (otherwise you can use the ones in zoreide.json)
- linux servers under the same router.
To compile it , you need:
- golang compiler 1.4 or superior.
- git , to download this repo.
- write "go build"
- ./zoreide &
Configuration contains:
"MulticastConfig": {
"MIpAddr": "",
"MPort": "9898",
"MaxDatagramSize": 18
"InterfaceConfig": {
"ExistingInterface": "eth0",
"BridgeIpCIDR": ""
- MIpAddr is the multicast address all the nodes will use to align.Must be the same on all nodes.
- Mport: Multicast port to subscribe. Must be the same on all nodes.
- MaxDataGramSize : obsolete, will be removed soon.
- ExistingInterface: the name of your ingress interface (eth0, eno0 , enps18, whatever your system is using. This may be different node by node)
- BridgeIpCidr: the IP address and mask you want to share among servers.
- why? Keepalived wasn't enough?
- VRRP is ok, but it has just two states, active and passive. I want to have as much as nodes as I want.
- why you need more than one server to share the IP?
- because 6 is better than 2 for HA.
- MetalLb under Kubernetes can achieve the same.
- Nobody really needs kubernetes. I want a floating , HA IP without this.